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Gifted and Talented Services

Aurora Public Schools provides a comprehensive range of differentiated services for high potential and gifted students. Services may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Affective Education - Helping students understand themselves as gifted, as learners, and as a part of a larger community and providing opportunities for self-expression, community service, leadership and risk-taking
  • Cluster grouping - Placing gifted students together in a regular classroom
  • Content Acceleration - Pacing students through content at a rate that matches their advanced abilities
  • Content Enrichment - Providing learning opportunities that expand and deepen student understanding
  • Content Novelty - Allowing students to research and study topics of strong interest to them
  • Content Sophistication - Providing content and learning that requires the use of higher level thinking
  • Cross Grade Level Grouping - Grouping students with others in a higher grade level
  • Curriculum Compacting - Providing students who demonstrate grade level proficiency with advanced, alternate learning, Independent Study--allowing students to design and implement their own study plans with close monitoring by the teacher
  • Subject Grouping - Grouping students with similar strengths for instruction in a subject
  • Tiered Assignments/Resources - Providing assignments and resources that ensure students explore ideas at a level that builds upon their prior knowledge
  • Other Programming Options:
    • Aurora Quest K-8, school for gifted students in grades K-8 with emphasis on content acceleration in literacy and math (applicants should be gifted or high potential in reading/writing or math)
    • International Baccalaureate, available at elementary, middle and high school
    • Honors classes
    • Advanced Placement, high school
    • STEAM Pathways
    • ASCENT Program, concurrent enrollment
    • Digital Badging
    • Capstone projects
    • Extra-curricular through on and off-site opportunities and community partnerships

Services in Talent Areas - Students who are identified as gifted in talent domains will receive services in schools through existing ART, MUSIC and PE programs. The Gifted and Talented Department, in collaboration with College and Career Readiness, is developing community resources and opportunities for students who are identified as gifted in DANCE, LEADERSHIP, CREATIVITY and PERFORMING ARTS.

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Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Gifted and Talented